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that sounds way dodgy to me
it could be an ex wife/husband trying to sell it or just a scam
even more so when you see the bit towards the bottom
and i will sell it for 4,000 GBP !!

yep, it's a con!
got this email from them this morning

Hello dear eBayer,

First of all let me tell you that I am pleased that are interested in my RENAULT ESPACE.
The 'pre-approved buyer' feature has been added to prevent non serious buyers from ending the auction early, I hope you have no problem with that.
You have to know that the car I am selling is 100% working and great looking, no flaws or dents, no scratches or any kind of damage, no flood or wrecked, the interior looks amazing. I am it's second owner, the first owner was my father.
I just moved to Italy because my wife is Italian and she wanted to be closer to her parents as they are old and very ill. The car is here with us as well. We are expecting a baby in a few weeks and I really want to improve the old house we bought when we moved in time for the baby.

I have bought and registered the car back in United Kingdom , but unfortunately I wasn't able to register it here in Italy. For that I have pay a very big fee and I will also have to start an individual procedure for the vehicle through the Government and I really can't afford those expenses right now with the baby on the way.

Those are the reasons why the price I want for it is just 4,000.00 GBP. Shipping will be done by boat and the car will arrive in 5-7 days. The car will be inssured at the shipping company for the transport. All documents, including owner's manual in english, clear title and bill of sale will be provided along with the car.

The transaction will be made under eBay's buyer protection plan called Square Trade.

I'm a serious seller and a fair trader and I prefer to deal only with a serious buyer. If you consider yourself one please e-mail me back so we can start our deal.
So, please reply back with your full name and shipping address and your eBay username if you are really interested in purchasing this car so we can start the arrangements!

My best wishes!
so there ya go!

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Reason for no reply................ the ebay id has been " borrowed " or hacked............ that I got from ebay... anyone who replys will start getting " scam " emails in return. Any item offered for sale for a quick cheap sale should be avoided......... thats also from ebay... I contacted the police on a ?12,000.00p ST200 on sale for ?3,000.00p, my friend in the police contacted the owner, he did not know his car was been sold on ebay..... long story.
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