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I have ST220 Hatch and I need some help choosing shock absorbers and springs.
I’ve read this forum a lot and tried to figure it out, but it’s hard to get an idea of the different options.

Probably my options are Koni FSD (2100-4021) and Bilstein B8 (35-140610 front; 35-140634 rear), as well as the originals since I don't need adjustable chassis.
H&R (-35 mm) springs might be ideal, who knows...

I would love to hear experiences and suggestions on the subject, and where to buy.
What confuses me the most is which ones fit my car at all.
For example, are the above models suitable?

I think the car could get a bit lower, but at most 30mm.
And yet the purpose would be to keep it going for daily driving.

Thanks in advance,
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