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Hello all,

I'm after picking some brains my st225 06 plate 64km has a misfire and moderate backfire at the moment it only start when its been driven for about 15 - 20 mins. (Sounds like the pops and bangs pack/map, but doesn't have it)

The engine management light flashes when it happens under load, but the stutter or misfire isn't constant and can clear through the rev range.

I thought I had solved it this weekend but its back, when I discovered one of my coil packs was gone, I ended replacing 2 as another was loose fitting. (Potentially 1 of the other 3 has gone in quick succession)

It's had recent RS plugs As well.

I am going to put it through a diagnostic tomorrow afternoon however the last time it just through up a list of potential problems

Vac leek (which I thought I had solved, split pipe)
Injection problem (please god No)
Over fueling cylinder 1 (Which has come up on every diagnostic test over 8 yrs)

I was told by the previous owner it had been mapped but no proof, and the garage said in the past that the over fueling is very well likey to be the or a map.

Looking online in the hope of finding the same or similar problem has thrown in suggestions like

Maf, boost solenoid, plugs and coils.

I have put nearly 2k into the car mechanically over the last 12 months and could do with catching a break lol, first 7 years of owner ship its been perfect hardly any problems but the last year or so its testing my patience lol.

Any help or guidance you guys can advise would be greatly appreciated
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