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It's such a new car that I think anyone who starts to modify it won't have any other cars to compare against, your literally going to be one of the first!
Although I think mods which you can do to the TDCi 115 and 130 will be applicable to the ST TDCi, and you'll see greater benefits.
As for reliablity, your guess is as good as mine.

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unichip already does its stuff for the ST TDCi which adds about 35bhp - costs approx ?400

other than that think upgraded intercooler (maybe CO2), exhaust, hybrid turbo, induction kit. diesels respond well to induction kit.

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mine is "custom" remapped stage 1
hp doesn't interest me
it's torque that get's you somewhere
so they took the limiter of the three 1st gears and got some grunt out of it
with new turbo on it (stage 2) we will remap it again and hope to get over 500nm then (and +/-200hp)

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I would go for a custom remap...
It's much better than a Powerbox or an other chip.

When you buy a powerbox you just have to plug it in en least that is what they say...It isn't that simple.
It just isn't good for the engine.

When you remap (rewrite) the original software you have much better results. And it is safe for the engine.
You don't have problems with high (exaust)temperatures etc...

My Mondy wil be remapped by MD Tune, the same guy that dit the Mondy of Titanium X.

I really thrust him!
This is the link:

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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