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Right, here we go - some pictures of my pride and joy:

And the rest, wasn't sure which I prefered of these two so you have both:


And just for good measure, the nicest seats my bum has ever sat on:

I've had the car since October last year and love it. So far I have colour coded the front splitter , headlightwasher covers and the boot lock. Just need some collection skirts now and I'll be done with it!

Full spec of the car is:
Comfort & Custom packs (Recaros, Xenons, Climate Control, Sub in boot etc)
Parking sensors
Electric Sunroof
Collection Spoiler

Also at a recent rolling road meet for another forum it achieved 185bhp and 157 lbft torque, and thats totally standard! panel filter going in at some point though.

So thats me and my car, hope you like the pictures, sure had fun taking them
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