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My cleaning regime is this:-

1/ Wash with Gold Class Shampoo & Conditioner using MF mit, dry with drying towel.
2/ Clay Bar (using Quick Detailer as lubricant, alternatively use GC Shampoo diluted in 'srayer')
3/ Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner applied with foam pad.
4/ 'Ultimate Compound' applied with microfibre pad (new product for 2009 - very good, even by hand application).
5/ Deep Crystal Polish applied with foam pad.
6/ Gold Cass Liquid Wax applied with foam pad.

The above would be for a 'full clean' for Mondeo Mania, Ford Fair etc and takes 2 days to do by hand. For 'normal washing' it's Wash, Polish and Wax.
Tips - Don't use the clay bar too often as it's abrasive. When washing use the 'two bucket' method. All of the products that I use are Megs, but, AG HD Wax is meant to be VERY good, but, pricey (did read somewhere that you can actually get it for £30 from some Ford dealers!!).

I will of course be investing in a Megs G220 polisher in the very near future.

Any other questions just shout.


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Bleeno said:
I used the Autoglym HD Wax the other day and it masks the swirls brilliantly! Expensive mind you at £40 but what a finish!
Got my HD wax from Ebay for £19.99 and 5.99 P+P. Arrived in 2 days. Not got round to using it yet though!!
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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