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I know the front springs are different on the ST200 to the ST24 but does anyone know if the rear springs are the same or different?

I've got an old ST24 Estate which had new suspension all round not long ago, Bilstein B4 shocks and Weitec lowering springs, not great springs but little a drop improved front stance slightly.

The ST24 is now being scrapped due to fire damage.

I picked up an ST200 Estate with sloppy handling and want to use the existing *front* springs on which are on the ST200 as they were new around 70K miles (now 90K on clock) according to MOT history and just change the rear ones.

Would like to use the low mileage Weitec rear springs from the ST24 estate to put on ST200 estate. Any idea, what's the worse that can happen, wrong spring rate? Make it handle like an ST24 instead of ST200?

Also the ST24 has new Bilstein B4 shocks all round but according to the Bilstein website, they don't show up as compatible for the ST200 estate! How strange....any thoughts on fitting these on the ST200 estate?

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