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I do hope you great minded people can help me.

I have a 99 mondeo st24, when ever i turn my ac on, the car seems to feel like its misfireing or juddery (holding back) but when the ac is turned off its completely fine again.

Also the ac compressor seems to emit a metal grinding or rattling when ever the pump activates, now i have just got it de gassed so i can replace the ac compressor i bought from a salvage yard and have cleaned it up and there seems to be no grinding or anything so i hope that will fix the rattle sound tomorrow at least.

But i was told from my local garage that the ac should not hinder the engine for misfires blah blah.

I have changed the spark plugs also and made sure the ht leads are in, but it only happens when ac is on (running).

Can you help
thank you for your time.
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