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Evening all,

Haven’t posted on here for a very, very long time….

I’ve recently acquired an immaculate 56plate performance blue ST220, it was owned by my dad since 2009 and in all of those years it only covered 15k miles (51k total).

I am having this car as an addition (my daily is a BiTDi A6 Black edition) so it therefore won’t be used everyday, however I want it to be subtly modified and bit of fun for sunny drives through the Welsh mountains…

Its already got the ASBO bigger brake upgrade and stainless brake hoses all round as well as a K&N panel filter installed.

I have just ordered the following:
• ST coilover kit
• Complete set of polyurethane bushes - front/rear subframes, front/rear anti roll bars and a complete set for the front wishbones
• Eibach 20mm hubcentric wheel spacers front and rear
• Genuine full service kit and synthetic oil
• Genuine auxiliary belt kit
• New Brembo brake pads all round
• Roose coolant and auxiliary hose kits
• Maybe a Milltek cat back system

No doubt the list will get longer once I start working on her….. Please tell me it’s all going to be worth it??!!! 🤣🤣
I’ll post up the progress when I start later this month.

Steve 🙂
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Nice that you can keep it in the family. I see it's got the best seats!
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