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High on the priority for basic tuning mods is to change the factory restrictive airbox filter to something more free flowing from the likes of K&N, Green, Jetex etc. In theory this should yield about 2BHP (max) and is a good starting point. Best of all though is the slight improvement in midrange torque.
Moving on from a basic panel filter we have an incresing array of cone/induction kits to choose from.
K&N 57i, Pipercross and various others as a direct bolt on to your existing MAF sensore inlet pipe.
Moving up now, you have the likes of K&N Typhoon, AEM CAI (US), Cool-Flo Pro (US, Focus Sport)which are all open cones, but have dedicated pipework and a modicum of heatshileding.

Finally there are the Pipercros Viper, BMC CDA and K&N Apollo. These are all cones, but have shielding to prevent heatsoak. Basically they work like an airbox with a pipe running to the lower front grille somewhere, so install work is a little more involved.
If opting for an open cone/induction kit, it is advisable anyway to have extra cold airfeeds routed to feed them, or just go for an expensive bonnet like I have !!
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