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Hi Everyone!

Im an ST220 friend from Sweden in need of assistance from some of you guys here.

You see, I have a problem with my ST220 - 03 that I can't figure out.

I decided to wash my engine with what do you call it, high pressure water(?), you know what i mean... And i kind of regret that. Ever since, my Check Engine Light have been lit and annoyed me every day.

When I washed it I got quite a lot of water around the spark plugs and it misfired a lot. I drove it like that for maybe 10 mins, until i could stop and get rid of as much water as possible.

After that the engine sounds okey, but the Check Engine Light is still there and the engine doesn't feels right. It feels like it has small misfires and there is some kind of "hesitation" when I drive it. I've changed the lambda for Bank 2 ( pre cat), all spark plugs and checked all of the vacuum hoses that I know of.

The only one that I saw was damaged, and now replaced, is the little one that's connected to the little "vacuum-clock" that goes to the injectors. I've attached an image of that hose/pipe. The strange thing is that I can't really tell any difference after I replaced that hose, and it was completely off.

Well I don't really know what to do now. When I have read all the threads here I guess it could be the Cat too but what's the odds for that to break down after I just washed the engine?

Feel free too speculate, I need all the help I could get right know. :huh:

Best regards,



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