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Hi All,

I've been a member of this forum for a while, but don't post very often.

I thank you all in advance for any help that you can offer, I'll try and be as brief as possible.

I need some advice as to where I stand legally after what I consider a very poor car repair to my "Ford Mondeo ST TDCI MK3 2007 (Hatchback)".

Someone ran into the back of my car in July 2017 whilst I was waiting in traffic at a roundabout.

I contacted my insurance company and arranged for my car to be repaired at their approved repair centre.

Now (a little over 5 months later) I have noticed that the new rear bumper that they fitted has started to sag / droop / drop and appears to be suffering from the very common problem of "Rear bumper droop", that has been commonly reported about these cars on this forum and others over the last few years.

Prior to the accident the previous rear bumper looked perfect in comparison.

A gap is starting to appear between the rear light clusters on both sides and the bumper, the bumper at the driver's side has also cracked / broken and is starting to pop out at the side, the peg (or whatever you call it) that holds it in place is clearly visible, the bumper on the passenger side appears to be under strain and the peg on that side is also visible.

The repair company when I took the car back to show them tried to tell me that someone had nudged / hit my bumper in the middle and popped the sides out, this I feel is just an excuse for a poor repair. There is not a single mark on the bumper that supports what they say.

The repair company had my car for nearly three and a half weeks and when they returned it they had used some of the old bits off the old bumper, the near side rear reflector that had been cracked in the accident was on the new bumper and the offside trim / reflector was loose. They had also just put the malfunctioning reverse park back into the new bumper and the centre black trim panel was missing as it was apparently on back order.

I phoned my insurance company to report the issues and they said to contact the repairer and arrange for them to collect my car again,

It took them a further three weeks to resolve the reflector and reverse park issues and the centre black trim panel is still on back order.

I have already spoken to my insurance company and requested that they arrange an independent inspection just a few days ago, so far they have not responded.

Does anyone know the number of the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) that was issued by Ford to correct the drooping bumper problem (maybe with a detailed explanation of what is required to correct the problem) and where I can get a copy, pdf maybe to prove if I am right ?

Is there an easy way to check and prove if they repaired the car properly? Other that paying for an independent inspection.

Can anyone offer any advice on how to resolve this issue as prior to the accident there was no damage to the bumper at all ?

Many thanks



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You maybe able to find details of the TBS on Ford Etis site. You now have to register on there but it is free to do so.
I would be inclined to report the matter to The Insurance Ombudsmen. Explain to them all that you have mentioned in your post. Tell them you are not happy with the repair and your insurance company isn't being of much help to resolve the matter, neither quickly, nor properly.

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Below are three topics to give information on this problem:

The first explains the history of the problem, then two methods of repair/fix.

Unfortunately replacement bumper covers will always droop, early ST220's had foam supports bonded to the car beneath the rear lights. These provided the main support for the cover. Fixing just then held plastic moulding to car to locate and keep its shape.

Ford in their wisdom redesigned the moulding supposedly reinforcing it to be self supporting, this never worked.

Several members on this site solved the problem by retro fitting the support pads, I myself carried out this mod on my ST back in 2007 when car was about 6 months old, bumper cover hasn't dropped since. Foam pads have not been available from ford for years but can occasionally be seen in breakers yards.

The second topic attached is a repair many have successfully used, bumper cover is very close to main bumper bar behind centre cover you are awaiting. With bumper supported in correct position owners have drilled through plastic into this bar then secured into position with screws and large metal washers. Ideally sandwiched with rubber washers to minimise risk of splitting moulding.

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