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  1. Electrical (Mondeo ST TDCi and ST220)
    Hi this may have been posted before but has anyone got a link to a wiring diagram for the heated seats? Failing that a wiring diagram for the whole cat? Thanks in advance
  2. Electrical (Mondeo ST TDCi and ST220)
    I'm looking to add a dashboard camera to my ST220, and I want to hook it in so that it's hard wired, and automatically comes on/off with the ignition. To that end, I want to splice into one of the power supplies which is fed from the ignition circuit on the car. I think that the auto-dimming...
  3. General Banter
    Hi all, I have recently bought projector headlights from 2xcite for my 2005 Mondeo ST TDCI and everything is working fine except for the LED angel eyes, which I have yet to wire, as they are not part of the main harness. The instructions mention wiring them into the side light circuit, but as...
1-3 of 3 Results