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  1. Electrical (Mondeo ST TDCi and ST220)
    Hey guys, It's been mentioned a million times and sorry for bring it up again but I have looked around and getting mixed answers. I'm looking at installing bluetooth RX-1C onto my denso it's a 3s7t. I have read it won't work and cannot be done but I have also read it will work and has been done...
  2. Electrical (Mondeo ST TDCi and ST220)
    Hi there, I hate to start a new bluetooth thread as my problems seems similar to the one described here Anyway. I have a nokia rx-1c module in my 2006 Mondeo. The radio is a Sony CD. I bought the car used and was able to bond my phone. Apparently on slot 6. Now that I have a new phone, I can't...
1-2 of 2 Results