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  1. Newbie Corner
    Hi guys, I've had my focus ST for about half a year now it's completey standard and was looking at tuning it up. Not as far as racing spec just a bit extra make it a little special. I've seen a lot of the packages company's do but I'm hoping to gradually mod my car and fit most of it myself...
  2. 2.2L Duratorq TDCi Diesel Engines
    Hi last week I purchased a 55 plate ST Tdci and having never owned a ford before I was looking for some answers to a couple of simple questions. Firstly, how responsive is the acceleration supposed to be in the lower rev range because mine never seems to be in a hurry to accelerate below 3k...
  3. General Banter
    Hi All Im am a keen ST220 driver. Have done most of the mods on the market. Recently I have wanted to upgrade the front calipers/discs/pads have looked at loads of makes are they are over 1800 quid. <SNIP>
  4. Exhausts / Air Intake - Induction (ST/TDCi/ST220)
    Hi All, I'm new to the forum having read occasionally for past years. I've got an ST220 and I think it's about time I treated it to a new exhaust. After some research I think I'v decided to go for the BCS Automotiv Exhaust but would manage to get group discount if anyone else was interested...
  5. Mapping / Chipping
    i have just bought a mondeo st tdci it came with a bluefin superchip which increases the bhp from 155 to 185 it pulls very well but im worried that it will cause damage in the long run, i can put the car bak 2 originar settins but think i wud be disappointed havin been use to the 185 bhp, enione...
  6. Ford ST & RS News
    After months of back room development, UK based Mulgari Automotive has developed its very own, Ford Focus ST Tuning kit (M-ST - 2005<), consisting of a Mulgari tuned ECU engine map in addition to a bespoke Mulgari cold air induction kit. Collectively these modifications have been proven to...
  7. Mapping / Chipping
    Afternoon Ladies and Gents, First off, hi, new user here After 3 happy years of owning a 1.6 iVTEC Civic, I've taken the plunge into the world of Diesels. Brought a 2007 (56 plate) Ford Mondeo 2.2 TDCi 155 in November, and first thing that struck me (and having looked through these forums and...
1-7 of 7 Results