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  1. General Banter
    HOI!My Mondeo St200 starts jerk when accelerate fast. Usually when drive 2,3,4,5 gear and accelerate. First of all, I think it's a fuel pump problem because I'm driving a mk1 V6 2.5 fuel pump. Now I have changed the fuel pump. Also changed spark plugs (NGK), fuel filter, close the EGR valve. My...
  2. Private Car Sales
    The time has come to pass on my beloved Mondeo ST200. Sold as spares or repairs. Would suit someone who can get the welding done cheaply, or someone looking to break it for parts. The car has only had 3 owners, myself for 3 years and my dad for 10 years before that. The engine has had oil every...
  3. Newbie Corner
    Hi All Been lurking for some time and have found a wealth of information on this site. A mate of mine owned a 220 and I kind of took a shine to it, my current chariot been a 2.0 VW Bora was coming to the end of its life. The shape of the 220 was sweet and I wanted one. A few days later my...
  4. Drivetrain / Chassis (Mondeo ST24 and ST200)
    Hello all, yes I'm new here. Unfortunately I couldn't bring cake or beer as a gift since this is on the internet, so I hope you'll forgive me... I have a question regarding spacers, as I'm thinking about getting some for my MK2 Mondy (ST200 replica). YES, REPLICA! I can't afFORD the real thing...
  5. Newbie Corner
    Hi,just wondering if anyone out there can help. Have been gradually doing upgrades on my ST24 but find I have hit a brick wall regards the air con controls in my car. Can anyone categorically say whether the digital units used in later ST200 models can replace my standard dials in my ST24 by...
  6. Test forum
1-6 of 6 Results