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  1. Electrical (Mondeo ST TDCi and ST220)
    I bought a ST TDCI Mondeo a month or so ago, and I'm having a problem with the alarm. For no reason I can see, when I lock the car, the alarm will go off, but there doesn't seem to be a pattern to it. For example, I locked the car this afternoon and the alarm kept sounding for the first 10-15...
  2. Items For Sale
    For sale is 4 x Ford Mondeo MK3 ST220 / ST TDCI 18" alloy wheels. Wheels only no tyres. These were removed from my car (2005) last weekend due to wheel upgrade. I've owned my car since it was 6 months old and in that time the wheels have never been refurbed. All wheels need a refurb now as they...
  3. Newbie Corner
    Evening Guys! Just purchased a lovely 2006 Mondeo ST TDCI in performance blue with 111,000 miles on the clock which cost me just a shade over 3k. Previously i owned a Jaguar S-Type R, the Mondeo is going to be a little better on fuel i feel haha! Generally the car is in pretty good condition...
  4. Newbie Corner
    Hello , new to the forum helped brilliantly when getting my first ST so cheers all , now a proud owner.
  5. The ST...

    The ST...

  6. HD Shine

    HD Shine

  7. Car Park shoot 2

    Car Park shoot 2

  8. STormy drive

    STormy drive

  9. Brecon Beacons blast 2

    Brecon Beacons blast 2

  10. The B road's

    The B road's

  11. Brecon Beacons blast

    Brecon Beacons blast

  12. Car Park shoot

    Car Park shoot

  13. Plateless nose

    Plateless nose

  14. Gallery
    Ford Mondeo ST TDCi Titanium X YoM: 2004 Odometer: 275 000 km / ~180 000 miles Power: 186 bhp Torque: 434 Nm 0-100: 6.8 seconds 1/8 mile: 10.8 seconds 1/4 mile: 15.4 seconds GPS VMax: 231 kph (~144 mph) Tacho VMax: 240 kph (~150 mph) Consumption: boardcomputer says it's 5.6 but IRL...
  15. Newbie Corner
    Hi Everyone. Not sure if I have posted in the right area! I am totally new to Ford. I currently have a 'dreaded' Vectra!! Sorry Guys! At the moment I am looking at getting a Mondeo ST TDCi, but with limited funds. All options with my budget are all high mileage most of which are over 100,000...
  16. Drivetrain / Chassis (Mondeo ST TDCi and ST220)
    Hi Im looking to change my front wheel bearings. How easy are they to replace. Will these do the job? Or do...
  17. Exhausts / Air Intake - Induction (ST/TDCi/ST220)
    ::: New MOT regulations come into force on February 2014 Please check VOSA's website for more information :::: Thought I might resurrect this fitting guide I posted for the ST TDCi 3.6 years ago for the new members of the forum :L This guide applies to all makes of decat. Installing can be...
  18. 2.2L Duratorq TDCi Diesel Engines
    I noticed today that when up to temperature having the heater on high drains the heat from the engine, turn the heater off and the engine warms up again. Now I believe its a thermostat problem but how do I know which one is at fault? More likely the oil cooler one or the main one? The car seems...