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  1. Focus ST / RS General Discussion
    Hi Guys, had a couple of test drives in the RS and it appears to be a lovely car, anyone on here got one and can tell me what it's like to live with and the practicalities etc. Before I join the waiting list !!!!! Also what extras do you have, are they worth it. What's the difference between...
  2. Drivetrain / Chassis (Focus ST / RS)
    Hi, Just got myself a 2006 ST3 and would like to upgrade the clutch to the RS one as the car is already running a few mods. Do I need the full fitting kit (around £700) or can I buy the clutch itself (around £250)? Ay help would be much appreciated. Neil
  3. Items For Sale
    Nearly New Focus ST3 Ronal " SNOW FLAKE" Alloys only, ih Gloss Black Taken off a brand new 61 reg once home, Only to be upgraded. On Ebay At present with 4 days left to run: Closest to Brand new you will find for half the price! Starting at £399...
1-3 of 3 Results