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  1. Newbie Corner
    Hey thanks for letting me be part of your fantastic forum, i have already posted in the 2.2 st tdci section and will hopefully have some members who are more in the know than myself helping me on my way to getting my good ol mondy back on the road! im in somerset so hopefully not too far from...
  2. Gallery
    Thought I'd show off the new car ........... ( still got my Mondeo though ! ) FF
  3. Gallery
    Heres a quick picture of my freshly refurbed and paonted wheels and black eye. More to come soon enough
  4. Newbie Corner
    Just new (obviously) have a nice this forum for good advice and witty( or not so) banter......first prob....round about 5000rpm i have noticed hesitation, through all the gears, i have changed the air Box filter to a piper cross panel filter and had tried to change to a forced...
  5. Newbie Corner
    Hey every1. I'm Dan and i thought id drop you all a line on here to say hi. I live in Norwich. i have a mondeo at the moment only 1.8 zetec petrol but I'm looking for a st tdci. i have a budget of 4000 which i know isn't a great deal but hey. I'm not sure what else to put really lol cheers Dan
  6. Newbie Corner
    Hi Everyone. Not sure if I have posted in the right area! I am totally new to Ford. I currently have a 'dreaded' Vectra!! Sorry Guys! At the moment I am looking at getting a Mondeo ST TDCi, but with limited funds. All options with my budget are all high mileage most of which are over 100,000...
1-6 of 6 Results