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  1. Gallery
    Thought I'd show off the new car ........... ( still got my Mondeo though ! ) FF
  2. Items For Sale
    Hi all, I have a few parts lying around at the moment so im going to put them up for sale or swap as ive just bought a house so need them shifting :) ive got a fair few parts such as: Gearbox. x2 filter housings. starter motor alternator air con compressor engine plastics 2pcs top pipe maf...
  3. Interior & Exterior, and Styling (Focus ST / RS)
    Hi all, Ive bought a new to me Mk2.5 Focus ST (2010 ST3 3dr) & I need to get a new gear knob. The previous owner must have worn rings as its all scratched. Anyway, where can I get one at a reasonable price. Ive looked on eBay but nothing is suitable. I am after an OEM one not some aftermarket...
  4. Drivetrain / Chassis (Focus ST / RS)
    Hi, after some focus st brakes for my Mondeo st220 if anyone has some for sale? Preferably local to stafford as brakes r heavy to post lol Cheers Az
  5. Items For Sale
    Nearly New Focus ST3 Ronal " SNOW FLAKE" Alloys only, ih Gloss Black Taken off a brand new 61 reg once home, Only to be upgraded. On Ebay At present with 4 days left to run: Closest to Brand new you will find for half the price! Starting at £399...
1-5 of 5 Results