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  1. Interior, Exterior & Styling (ST/TDCi/ST220)
    Don't smoke, and even if I did not a chance I'd light up in the Mondy! So made a quick and useful mod today - not the neatest work but it'll be hidden away most of the time. And still a spare socket, neat and tidy. No more hubs with wires everywhere!
  2. Interior, Exterior & Styling (ST/TDCi/ST220)
    So... Driver's side puddle was out, got a bulb, got the housing out of the mirror... But how do you get the bulb out of the housing? Any guides only go as far as housing out, then "remove bulb, either pull or twist and pull". Doesn't twist far, and pulling isn't working. Don't want to pull too...
  3. General Banter
    Hi guys, A little help please I'm having to replace my double din 6 cd stereo as its stopped playing cd's can any one reccomemded any good units to fit? Also is there a amp in the car as the guy at halford said the stereo I was looking at would work with it but if I brought the stereo it...
1-3 of 3 Results