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  1. Drivetrain / Chassis (Mondeo ST TDCi and ST220)
    Hi there, the original suspension of my ST220 estate was to be changed (140000 km), so I decided to fit a Bilstein / Eibach B12 pro kit on it (part number: 46-192615). After that, handling is really good, and ride quality remains at good point also. The clue is that it has not lowered almost...
  2. Drivetrain / Chassis (Mondeo ST TDCi and ST220)
    Hello, everybody! My ST TDCI which now clocks around 105k miles feels less firm than a while ago, so the dampers are starting to act their age. What do you recommend for me to get? Should I get the original motorcraft ones or should I go for something else, like Koni STR.T? I asked a dealer...
1-2 of 2 Results