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  1. Electrical (Mondeo ST TDCi and ST220)
    I've had some problems with my central locking during the winter. The rear doors seem to have a mind of their own. They work for one week, then they stop working, then they start working again and so on. Last week it was only the other rear door but now both. My car is in a garage while I'm at...
  2. Electrical (Mondeo ST TDCi and ST220)
    Hi all. I wonder if any of you can shed any light on my locking problem. I went out to the car this am (-5°}, pressed the key fob and there was nothing. Tried the spare key from indoors, and again, no sounds even. Thinking the car battery was dead, I opened the bonnet (which set the alarm off)...
1-2 of 2 Results