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    Hi Guys Unfortunately the ST Estate has gone after a prang, ......... so I have quite a few bits that either came off the original spec car :- Intercooler, ( & Inlet and Outlet hoses ) 2 Mann Air Filters, brand new in boxes, Catalytic Converter ( removed at 50,000 miles ) 4 ST Alloy wheels...
  2. Items For Sale
    I have just fitted my decat and was wondering how much my original cat is worth. If I sell it i am going to use the money from the sale to get the racebits intercooler
  3. Items For Sale
    Selling the ST (if the car i'm looking at is as described) got a few bits to sell that i will no longer require. These are: * Genuine cat converter (covered approx 30,000miles) * Bluefin (will need unlocking though) * 2 centre wheel trims(used) * Set of original locking nuts(used) * 5 new wheel...
1-3 of 3 Results