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  1. Drivetrain / Chassis (Mondeo ST TDCi and ST220)
    Evening all, I just wanted to pick your brains. My Monday (ST TDCI) has recently started screeching when I reverse. It is gradually getting worse & only used to be when reversing & turning the wheel but now almost seems to be in a straight line as well (though it could have been in a straight...
  2. Car Care / Detailing
    I have a 07 ST diesel comming up to 90k brakes are sqeaking a bit and back left is also sticking was wondering what pads to buy and are they easy to fit ?
  3. Drivetrain / Chassis (Focus ST / RS)
    Hi, after some focus st brakes for my Mondeo st220 if anyone has some for sale? Preferably local to stafford as brakes r heavy to post lol Cheers Az
  4. Drivetrain / Chassis (Mondeo ST TDCi and ST220)
    I hear the Volvo v70 brakes r the same brakes uses on the focus st, good brake upgrade for the Monsieur and half the cost of the focus st ones? How true is this?
  5. Drivetrain / Chassis (Mondeo ST TDCi and ST220)
    Have an 06 2.2 St TDCi changed my brakes a couple of years ago to, Redstuff pads front and rear, and CRN Grooved discs. Recently had a squeel from the brakes/ wheels, checked for wobble and there is none, so i am ruling out bearings. Took the front wheels off and i have found. Drivers side...
1-5 of 5 Results