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  1. Items For Sale
    Selling the ST (if the car i'm looking at is as described) got a few bits to sell that i will no longer require. These are: * Genuine cat converter (covered approx 30,000miles) * Bluefin (will need unlocking though) * 2 centre wheel trims(used) * Set of original locking nuts(used) * 5 new wheel...
  2. Mapping / Chipping
    Hi all, I have come across a German company selling a chip they claim increases the ST TDCI power upto 197PS and 426nm torque ...........................................for 129 EUROS! Very sceptical as I guess most of us will be as no other tuner- inc Blufin increase the power anywhere near...
  3. Items For Sale
    Hello All I have for sale a Rover Ron Synergy tuning box for sale. This was fitted to my 2005 ST TDCI which unfortunately is up for sale, so the box is going. If you are interested please contact me via this forum and we can exchange details. Payment would be by paypal ideally, but other...
1-3 of 3 Results