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St Tdci Hybrid Turbo Installed

30 September 2020 - 05:15 PM

Dear all,

Not posted on here since I fitted an Airtec intercooler on my old Mondeo. Well, I've now got a shiny new hybrid turbo fitted to add to the mods on the car........


The turbo was built by Turbo Dynamics in Dorset. The spec is oversize compressor wheel (56mm / GT20), 360 degree thrust bearing and a step gap piston shaft. Fitting is straight forward but not a quick job. I had access to full workshop facilities and the car was on the ramp for the best part of 10 hours! Removing parts off a 15 year old car had to be done carefully!, and there is quite a few parts to remove to get access to the exhaust manifold bolts. The most problem/ time consuming piece was the EGR cooler but as my car is the vacuum operated type EGR I didn't need to fit the cooler back on and I re-worked the pipe work to reconnect the heater motor to thermostat for the coolant.


The car has a stronger pull on acceleration than before and holds boost much better at the top end of the rev range. It's not a massive jump over the original turbo but the car has much better drivability now.