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#425828 Airtec Intercooler Fitted And Opinion Given!

Posted by Steveski on 30 September 2018 - 06:31 AM

I'm not sure anybody reads these posts anymore but here goes.......


As promised here is an update of the Airtec intercooler fitment. It has definately been a worthwhile modification that has given the car the performance a stage 3 re-map should. So money well spent!

#425768 Airtec Intercooler Fitted And Opinion Given!

Posted by Steveski on 26 June 2018 - 04:09 PM

Fitted the Airtec intercooler to my old Mondeo last weekend.


Fitting is straight forward but the instructions are the wrong way round regarding the side mount brackets. Airtec advise to fit the intercooler and then add the side brackets afterwards - not a chance! There is not enough room to get your hand in to fit the brackets so fit them BEFORE mounting the intercooler.


To make life easier regarding the refitting of the air snorkel and the boost hose on the nearside of the car it would be better if Airtec allowed for the intercooler to sit 5-10ml lower than the position they have manufactured for. The snorkel and hose are pressed against the intercooler and distort slightly once everything is fitted back together. Otherwise, everything is fine and the process is easy to do.


On the test drive it was noticeable that the engine pulls through to beyond 4000rpm stronger than before without the weakening at the higher end of the revs which I was experiencing before. On a 30 mile motorway driving trip the average mpg improved by 3mpg according to the on board computer.


So overall it seems the money was well spent and I will post again once some more miles have been driven.